The Ultimate Manual For Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Enterprise organizations and IT departments are under constant pressure to protect sensitive data and corporate assets. Labor-intensive and error-prone manual procedures are no longer viable options for assigning and tracking user privileges. Enter IAM—a data security method that automates tasks and authorizes granular access control. What is Identity and Access Management (IAM) Anyway? Identity and… (more) The Ultimate Manual For Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Trello vs. Jira

Atlassian offers two significant players in the project management software space with Jira and Trello. Although both software packages have a similar overall goal of helping users manage their projects from start to finish, they have different strengths. This means they’ll appeal to different audiences. For those organizations trying to decide on Trello vs. Jira,… (more) Trello vs. Jira

Jira Review

Shipping bug-free software products at a rapid pace is one of the biggest challenges of modern-day software companies. Jira makes this job much easier. As the world’s leading project management tool for agile teams, Jira provides you all the features to collaborate in a rapidly changing work environment and get things done faster. In this… (more) Jira Review

The Ultimate Manual to Asana-Jira Integration

Within an organization, various teams may prefer different project management software. Some may like Asana, which works well for product and marketing teams. Others may prefer Jira, which has benefits for software developers and technicians. With the Asana Jira integration, the organization can continue using both of these project management software options. When the different… (more) The Ultimate Manual to Asana-Jira Integration