Whitelisting vs. Blacklisting: The Ultimate Manual

These days there are significant challenges to network security. In an effort to reduce security breaches, some teams turn to solutions that rely on the double-barreled approach of whitelisting and blacklisting. This approach helps to determine which apps, IP addresses, and utilities outside the organization should receive access to the system and which should remain… (more) Whitelisting vs. Blacklisting: The Ultimate Manual

Best IAM Tools of 2022

Data security is a top priority for every organization. To protect your company’s digital assets, you need a way to control access to various resources. IAM (identity and access management) tools make it easy for IT admins to manage user identities and access privileges. IAM software protects network resources by keeping unauthorized users out of… (more) Best IAM Tools of 2022

How to Prevent Ransomware

Ransomware is a growing cybersecurity concern for organizations of all sizes across a wide range of industries. Hoping you won’t fall victim to ransomware isn’t enough—you need to be proactive. This guide will teach you how to prevent ransomware and beef up your cybersecurity protocols. Step #1: Protect Your Endpoints Ransomware prevention begins with endpoint… (more) How to Prevent Ransomware

Cyber Security Training for Employees: The Ultimate Manual

Most people associate cybersecurity threats with brute force attacks by faceless hackers. But, according to a Cybint report, 95% of successful cybersecurity breaches can be attributed to human error. Therefore, cybersecurity training for employees is indispensable for changing user behavior and minimizing potential vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit. What Is Cybersecurity Training Anyway? Employees that… (more) Cyber Security Training for Employees: The Ultimate Manual

How to Stop DDOS Attacks

A distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack begins by exploiting a vulnerability in the victim organization’s system security, where attackers repeatedly check the system to ensure the attack achieves maximum damage. It spreads via malware, shutting down the entire system and making the website inoperable. There can be all kinds of reasons behind DDoS attacks,… (more) How to Stop DDOS Attacks

The Ultimate Manual to Gitlab Self Hosted

​​Under GitLab Self-Managed, also known as On-perm, the customer is directly responsible for running the software. Everything from maintaining the network infrastructure to the operating system to database software is their responsibility. What’s more, the customer has to regularly maintain every aspect of the software to ensure it’s running properly, is secure, and is periodically… (more) The Ultimate Manual to Gitlab Self Hosted