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The Ultimate Manual For Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Enterprise organizations and IT departments are under constant pressure to protect sensitive data and corporate assets. Labor-intensive and error-prone manual procedures are no longer viable options for assigning and tracking user privileges. Enter IAM—a data security method that automates tasks and authorizes granular access control. What is Identity and Access Management (IAM) Anyway? Identity and… (more) The Ultimate Manual For Identity and Access Management (IAM)

The Ultimate Manual For Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

Despite the advanced cybersecurity scenario-planning implemented by different organizations, we often overlook some of the simple aspects of data security. In fact, 61% of breaches are linked to compromised user credentials. Role-based access control helps limit both internal and external threats to your systems, networks, and sensitive data. What is Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) Anyway?… (more) The Ultimate Manual For Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

The Ultimate Manual For CPS 234

In the last decade, we’ve experienced tremendous progress due to the internet, information security, and several other advancements that have made lives easier—and better. Unfortunately, this has also left our information more vulnerable to malicious agents. With newer cybercrime techniques popping up frequently, countries are rushing to introduce various data protection acts and standards to… (more) The Ultimate Manual For CPS 234

Data Protection

Your data is probably the most critical asset of your company, no matter your business size and scale. You use it to improve customer experience, make important decisions, know your business’s health, etc. The list goes on. It’s why experts today claim data is the most valuable resource in the world. Cybercriminals are also aware… (more) Data Protection

Data Warehouse

It’s 2021, and data is still king. But none of it is useful if you don’t have a reliable reporting and analysis system in place to make sense of it. Company owners want to consolidate and integrate their data to facilitate different levels of aggregation, ranging from customer service to top-level executive business decisions. This… (more) Data Warehouse

The Ultimate Manual For PCI DSS Certification

Hackers and other malicious attackers are getting more sophisticated by the day. Businesses that collect, store, and process credit card information are prime targets for malicious attacks to steal money. With the lack of clear direction from financial regulators, the card payment industry has taken it upon itself to ensure sensitive customer data is protected.… (more) The Ultimate Manual For PCI DSS Certification