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The Problem

With a rise of layoffs and resignations across industries, IT and Security teams must deal with the risks that come from bulk offboarding. When offboarding so many people at once, things can and often do get missed. The risk of company information being leaked—either accidentally or maliciously—goes up exponentially.

One major risk involves personal accounts—when employees create or share company documents with their personal email accounts. These accounts often have fewer security protections, and IT admins have little insight or control over them. Personal accounts of former employees may still have access to company documents (or even own them) for years after the employees leave.

Other issues with bulk offboarding include documents that were once owned by ex-employees that continue to have external access, or Company or Public links—which anyone on the internet with the link can view. Abnormal downloading and copying activity could also be missed in the rush to perform offboarding protocols.

IT and Security teams often don’t have the visibility, time, or resources to manage all of these risks while offboarding thousands of employees. And most tools today do not allow them to effectively view, find, and fix problems.

The Solution

Safe and secure bulk offboarding requires complete visibility into access, and the ability to take bulk actions.

First, you need to gain visibility into all ex-employee documents and accounts. The ideal solution would allow you to review these documents for undesired access that should be restricted before transferring the documents or moving them to an archive account. It would give you visibility into all personal accounts with access to company documents. You would be able to see any files with Public or Company links that need to be changed before the employee leaves or cleaned up afterward if they were missed.

Next, the solution would allow you to fix any issues you identified in bulk. You would be able to remove all undesired access at once, with just a few clicks. The tool could handle restricting all ex-employee personal account access and allow you to bulk remove third parties from ex-employee’s documents. The ideal tool would also provide the option to archive documents owned by ex-employees, so that all access could be stripped and the documents could be transferred to a service account.

An optimal solution would allow you to avoid the security gaps that come from bulk offboarding—managing the process quickly and efficiently—without taking tons of administrative time.

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