Put an end to your document access control headaches in Google Workspace

Nira is a real-time access control system that proactively secures company documents.

What capabilities does Nira have?

Capabilities Description
Single source of truth One place to manage all internal and external documents, folders, and shared drives
Real-time monitoring Real-time monitoring of document access changes for every Google Workspace account
Risk identification Automated identification and categorization of document access risks Limited
Bulk permission changes Ability to change permissions on documents, folders, and shared drives in bulk
Remediation audit log Comprehensive audit log to review remediation actions taken by admins and end-users Limited
External access control Full visibility and control of external sharing and document ownership
Automated policy engine Automated compliance monitoring and remediation against company access policies Limited
End-user access control Employees are able to review and remediate access risks on their documents in bulk
Presets and configurable filtering Speed up investigations with smart preset views and customizable filters
Unlimited data retention Data is available as far back as the first document in your Google Workspace
Document retention management Alerts, archiving and deletion of documents in-line with granular document retention controls Limited

What are customers saying about Nira?

The time to value we got from Nira was surprising considering the comprehensiveness of the platform.
Bryan Wise
Bryan Wise,
CIO of 6sense
I've gotten more done with Nira in two months than I would've gotten out of hiring an entire person for a year.
Scott Murray
Scott Murray,
Director of IT and Security at Ad Hoc
With Nira, we have the ability to see millions of our documents in one place and instantly know our risk level. And then using Nira, we can immediately drill down and fix identified access issues.
Maksim Pavlishin
Maksim Pavlishin,
Head of Engineering at Ampush
Nira lets me step in before an incident happens rather than be reactionary.
Ryan Sims
Ryan Sims,
Director of IT at SnapNurse

Incredible companies use Nira

What risks have people discovered and fixed with Nira?

Identified nearly a thousand confidential company documents owned by the CEO’s personal gmail account.
Identified a consultant from a large accounting firm with access to tens of thousands of documents from their personal gmail account.
Identified thousands of confidential documents with public links owned by the customer’s clients.
A potential lawsuit just waiting to happen where thousands of documents from previous employers were being shared with the company by an employee from their personal gmail account.
Found and removed hundreds of current and former employees with access to tens of thousands of company documents via their personal accounts.
Risk of a phishing attack where customer wire transfer instructions were in a document with a public link owned by a vendor.
Discovered a highly confidential internal document shared with multiple unauthorized external accounts
Every company that uses Google Workspace should be using Nira.
Bryan Wise
Bryan Wise,
CIO of 6sense

Incredible companies use Nira