Active Risk Remediation

Nira works to apply data access classification and flag a variety of key security risks. Remediate those risks from the same interface, keeping audit logs for further investigation.

Nira works with

Arodi Cruz
I don't need a dedicated IT person using most of their hours scouring what data is and isn't shared. I have peace of mind that Nira is taking care of it.
Arodi Cruz,
Director of IT at Safepoint

Incredible companies use Nira

Nira Active Risk Remediation identifies the largest access risks on your organization’s Microsoft 365 or Google Drive, enabling instant remediation using Nira’s permissions management actions. Be confident knowing your biggest security concerns are taken care of for you.

Comprehensive monitoring of your org’s access permissions

  • Gain full visibility into document access with continuous monitoring of internal and external accounts.
  • Detect unauthorized access, risky or suspicious activities, and potential data breaches.
  • Automate alerts and notifications based on predefined or custom criteria.

Automated classification of data access risks

  • Out-of-the-box rules for identifying and classifying risky document permission settings.
  • Continuous detection and re-classification of permission changes as they happen.
  • Highly configurable alerts and notifications built on comprehensive data classification and advanced filtering.

Clear workflows for rapid detection and response

  • Simple and powerful one-click automation of critical security policies to protect company documents.
  • Painless remediation of access issues in bulk with no quantity limitations or scripting required.
  • Maintain an audit trail of all access remediation actions for compliance and reporting purposes.
Every company that uses Google Workspace should be using Nira.
Bryan Wise
Bryan Wise,
Former VP of IT at GitLab

Incredible companies use Nira