Nira Monitoring

Get visibility into file activity and access permissions for company documents and other cloud assets.

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Dan Cody
We had almost no visibility into what was being shared either publicly via links with third-party partners or even internally before we initiated Nira. We went from zero visibility to 100.
Dan Cody,
VP of IT Infrastructure and Operations at SurveyMonkey

Incredible companies use Nira

Nira Monitoring enables admins to assess security and audit access permissions for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace. See who your cloud data is shared with and identify security risks.

Actionable Alerting

Contextual, relevant, and timely alerts without false positives. Instantly identify risks to remediate and optionally automate future remediation actions.

  • Use the built-in security feed to effortlessly get alerted about access risk within your own environment.
  • Personalize alerts using granular filters to create rules that monitor activity for specific documents, accounts, or domains.
  • Get the details of an issue by seeing every document that is impacted in one-click, then quickly select-all for bulk remediation.
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Permissions Audit Reports

Download or export reports of all org access permissions and flagged security risks.

  • List all internal, external, and personal accounts with data access.
  • Detect company-wide and public sharing links.
  • Get visibility into inbound shared documents.
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Security Investigations

In-depth visibility for thorough investigations and remediations. Quickly identify suspicious activities, unauthorized access, and potential breaches. Full investigations done in minutes, not hours or days.

  • Efficiently assess security risks and prioritize incidents based on risk severity and potential impact.
  • Drill into a specific internal or external account to learn what's shared and find additional accounts they may be using.
  • Once an incident has been discovered, quickly take action to remediate any unauthorized access.
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Admin History

Action History provides an enterprise-grade audit log of every single action taken using Nira. Whether initiated by an admin, employee, or automatically, see what action was taken, who did it, and final itemized results of all changes, no matter the scale.

  • Immutable log that contains every detail of actions taken by admins, employees and automations.
  • Use quick filters to identify specific remediation actions that need to be used as evidence for auditors.
  • Full details of every document that was changed, including what changes succeeded and failed along with clear error messaginges.
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Every company that uses Google Workspace should be using Nira.
Bryan Wise
Bryan Wise,
Former VP of IT at GitLab

Incredible companies use Nira