Account Activity Logs

Monitor and audit risky sharing activity, whether at the user or even individual file level.

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Michael Case
Item History is a chance to do more investigative-type functions. I can then be proactive and take steps with certain controls or alerts that keep me apprised of an incident.
Michael Case,
Senior IT Manager at Impel

Incredible companies use Nira

Nira Account Activity Logs provide detailed historical records of data access and sharing for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace. Admins can use these to monitor data security in real time, or conduct robust audits of suspicious activity.

Record full activity history for each user or asset

  • Track every time a user views, edits, comments, or shares an item.
  • Painlessly filter activity records by file, user, domain, org unit, action type, and much more.
  • Quickly search for activity records based on keyword or item title.

Save historical records of permission settings for future investigations

  • Snapshot activity logs and permission settings for security or compliance audits.
  • Customize historical snapshots based on dozens of out-of-the-box filters.
  • Archive snapshots for compliance with data retention policies.

Automatically archive stale documents for data retention

  • Filter and view stale documents, according to age and sensitivity.
  • Customize workflows to automatically archive items based on data retention policies.
  • Track both archived data and exceptions for administrators.
Every company that uses Google Workspace should be using Nira.
Bryan Wise
Bryan Wise,
Former VP of IT at GitLab

Incredible companies use Nira