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Mitigate access risk on shared drives and folders


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The Problem

Numerous companies utilize shared drives and folders but do not have a tool that allows them to easily view and address the risks associated with them.

The risk associated with not controlling access to shared drives and folders is significant, as you could unknowingly share sensitive information with accounts who should have never had access.

Shared drives and folders are often riskier than the documents and files within them because when someone has access at the shared drive or folder-level, they automatically gain access to everything within that folder or shared drive. This is especially problematic if personal and external accounts have access.

It’s important to note that folders might also have unnecessary public or company links, which leads to a whole host of unauthorized access risks. For example, anyone with the link could gain access to confidential information within a folder.

Although a shared drive or folder may be created for a specific purpose, as time goes on, more documents or folders are added, without you realizing who has access on an overarching level.

The Solution

You must be able to identify risks at the shared drive and folder levels: seeing who is accessing them and what level of access they have.

For example, you need to know if your shared drives are accessible by third parties such as personal or outside domains. And you need to know if your folders have unnecessary public or company links.

The ideal tool allows you to see access on shared drives and folders owned by your organization, as well as those owned externally but shared with your company.

After identifying access issues on folders and shared drives, you need the capabilities to take immediate actions to remove or restrict access as necessary.

Finally, you need a tool to more easily automate these processes so that you don’t take tons of time or resources to keep your shared drives and folders secure.

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