The Buyer’s Guide to Microsoft Copilot

Microsoft Copilot can unlock massive value for companies but also bring security risks. To safely deploy Microsoft Copilot, IT and Security teams must deeply understand the different Copilot plans, their risks, and best practices for a secure rollout.

Generative AI is booming, fueled by tools like Microsoft Copilot and other AI work assistants. 

This surge in adoption presents a double-edged sword for organizations. Executives are eager to empower their workforce, but security concerns linger for CISOs and IT/ Security teams. 

As IT and Security professionals face pressure to securely deploy Copilot, understanding its costs, risks, and available plans is crucial.

Download the guide to explore:

  • Copilot’s plans and their pricing.
  • The security, compliance, and legal considerations of Copilot usage.
  • Tips for a secure and controlled Copilot rollout.
  • Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about access, cost, security, and more.
  • The critical role of Data Access Governance (DAG) in managing Generative AI.
The Buyer’s Guide to Microsoft Copilot
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