The Ultimate Manual To SOC Reports

Data security and privacy are becoming significant business challenges, as organizations worldwide are increasingly outsourcing operations and sharing confidential data with third-party service providers. Businesses require a way to evaluate the credibility and information handling capacity of service providers they trust with their critical business data. This is where SOC reports come in. SOC reports… (more) The Ultimate Manual To SOC Reports

Jira Alternatives

Jira is the world’s leading project management and bug tracking tool for agile software development teams. Thousands of marketing, finance, HR, and other non-technical professionals also use Jira to get things done more efficiently because of its diverse features. But Jira isn’t perfect for everyone. It was initially designed for bug tracking and other highly… (more) Jira Alternatives

The Ultimate Manual To Box Security and Compliance

Cloud storage is a highly convenient option for organizations that need to share and collaborate files and data. However, without the right security and compliance features in place, this convenience can become a security nightmare in very little time. The Box cloud storage service has strong security and compliance measures built into it versus other… (more) The Ultimate Manual To Box Security and Compliance