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How to Use Slack

Slack is among the most popular instant messaging and communication platforms for businesses and remote teams. In this detailed article, I’ll share the exact steps to help you get started with Slack, share tips on using it effectively, and some of the common problems you can face in using it. Let’s get started. Understand How… (more) How to Use Slack

How to Integrate Slack With Salesforce

Salesforce is among the world’s leading customer relationship management tools, while Slack is one of the most popular workplace communications apps. Using both of these products together can streamline communication across your key organizational teams and drastically improve customer relationships. In this detailed tutorial, I’ll share how to integrate Slack with Salesforce, the things you… (more) How to Integrate Slack With Salesforce

Slack Video Chat Review

Slack is a highly popular messaging app for businesses, allowing team members to remain in constant communication via text messages. It’s far more efficient than long email chains, keeping all of the related information within a single channel. Slack chat functions work equally well in real time or asynchronously. Slack works so well that team… (more) Slack Video Chat Review

Slack Vs. Skype – Which is the best and why?

With millions of monthly active users, Skype and Slack are among the world’s most popular communication apps. They’re both easy to use, offer a plethora of features, and generally make communication much more accessible and enjoyable. Both Skype and Slack offer: Audio and video calling Direct and group conversations Document and file sharing Third-party app… (more) Slack Vs. Skype – Which is the best and why?

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Bryan Wise,
Former VP of IT at GitLab

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