How to Delete Your G Suite Account – Permanently

Have you ever wondered or had the problem deleting your Gmail or G Suite account? If you search on the internet, you will come across countless pages that will show some users frustrations or people showing how simple it is to delete.

Whether you are using a Google account or G Suite account, you can easily delete your entire account or the Google application with this step-by-step guide. I have put together this guide to make your life easier while deleting your G Suite account appropriately and securely.

Before deleting your G Suite account, you may want to look into your subscription policy. To ultimately cancel your G Suite account, you will need to cancel your subscription. If you’re billed on a monthly flexible plan, canceling your subscription immediately stops you from curing new G Suite services changes. You may be charged for services used since your last payment to learn more on this, check out Google Support.

To find out how you can cancel your G Suite subscription, look no further than this step-by-step guide.

Before deleting or canceling G Suite Account

Before you cancel your G Suite subscription or delete your organization’s account, you should download any G Suite user data you want to be saved. This can include Google Calendar events, Gmail messages, Google+, etc. After you delete your G Suite or account, G Suite user data will be deleted forever.

Also, a G Suite user cannot delete their own G Suite account. An admin can delete a user’s Google Apps account from the G Suite admin console. See below for steps.

Step 1

Log into your G Suite account with your admin credentials and open the Google Admin console. To help keep your account secure, Google will ask for you to verify that it’s you logging on and enter the credentials you usually use.

Step 2

There will be two options, Users and Company profile, be sure to click on “Users” to manage the account you will be deleting.

Step 3

Depending on how many users there are to be managed the list could be long, search for the user, or your name that you will be deleting. Four options should come up on the right side of the name that you are deleting. Reset password, Rename user, Add to groups, and more. You will want to select more.

Step 4

After clicking more, You will see four options. Click on “Delete User.”

Step 5

Select the application data of the user that you want to transfer before deleting permanently.

Please note that you can only use this option to transfer the data owned by the user. Any data that is not transferred within 20 days, will be deleted permanently. You can also transfer all types of content owned by the user; this includes documents, spreadsheets, slides, etc.

Step 6

Enter the email ID of the person you want to receive the data and click the “Delete” option. Be sure it is the correct person you want the data sent to.

You can also delete multiple accounts by checking them, selecting more, and then clicking the “Delete selected users” button.

After the data has been transferred and the account is officially deleted after the 20 days, you will receive a notification email from Google in the primary administrator account registered in the G Suite Admin console company profile.

As you can see, the process of deleting your G Suite user account is quite simple. If you want further instructions and a more detailed guide and pictures, you can also go here to Google.

If you wanted to delete a G Suite admin account, it is the same process with just a few steps added before deleting.

How to delete a G Suite admin account

As stated above, deleting an administrator’s Google account is very similar to deleting any other user on your Google domain. Admins will have different access and privileges based on their roles and assigned at the beginning of their account creation.

Before you delete an admin’s G Suite account, log into the G Suite admin console and make sure to check what roles and privileges the user has tied to their account. See the steps of deleting below:

  1. To delete the admin account, you will need to log in from another admin’s account.
  2. Suppose the person’s account is the only admin. In that case, you will need to assign admin roles and privileges to another user and login from that user’s admin account before you proceed with the same steps listed above.

Below, I have numbered the process for you again for permanently deleting your G Suite account. Without pictures, but with links to some of the steps. For those who still may be confused about the process, this may be more of use to you.

  1. Sign in to the chosen Google Admin console.
  2. Be sure to export any user data you want to save. All data will be deleted permanently after 20 days.
  3. Delete the appropriate user except for one administrator account.
  4. Remove all domains associated with the account you want to delete, except the primary domain.
  5. Delete any marketplace applications associated with the account.
  6. Cancel your G suite account and all other Google subscriptions associated with your domain.
  7. If you believe there could be a refund involved, request for credit that is remaining after all subscriptions are canceled.
  8. Print or download invoices for records if you would like to save.

Be sure to note the Google cancelation info:

If you want to resubscribe to G Suite—You can add a new G Suite subscription to your existing account within 21 days of canceling. Otherwise, you’ll need to wait until after 84 days when the cancellation process finishes.

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