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The Problem

Controlling who has access to what is one of the hardest problems IT and security teams must solve. To alleviate access risks, you may have thousands - if not millions of documents that you need to view, investigate, and take action on, including changing access permissions, transferring ownership, and deleting.

Existing tools don’t provide the ability to build custom views and take bulk actions on a selected subsegment of files. Instead, IT teams must rely on time consuming custom scripting or on tools that take significant time to select and take action on all relevant files. And even then, there are often frequent failures and errors. IT and Security teams are extremely time and resource constrained and need to be able to take action in bulk quickly and efficiently.

In scenarios where IT teams attempt to do a manual access clean-up, it can take them months. By the time they were finally finished, risks could have evolved or even been exacerbated.

The Solution

The ideal tool will allow you to easily apply filters to build customizable views, select thousands or hundreds of thousands of files that meet your criteria, and apply actions on documents, folders and shared drives in bulk. It should provide the ability to take multiple types of actions such as removing account or domain access, deleting files, and transferring ownership.

Tools should also help you take bulk actions and remediations on thousands, or even millions of documents, in as close to real time as possible. Using an intuitive UI, you should be able to confidently update all your files and eliminate access risks within just a couple minutes. Finally, the solution should provide you with a comprehensive audit log to record and review remediation actions taken.

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