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The Problem

Most companies do not have a comprehensive understanding of who has access to their documents.

External parties might have unauthorized access to company documents, but companies lack the visibility to know about these risks. Personal account access and expired vendor and partner access goes unnoticed. Documents, folders and drives get overshared internally, without anyone knowing.

IT and security teams are constrained by legacy tools as they don’t cover the entire history, don’t include a view of drives and folders, and are unable to provide customized summary views. As a result, it can cost companies tons of money and time to gain this visibility; but without it, they are at higher risk of data breaches and incidents.

In addition to an overview of who has access, IT and security teams struggle with investigating specific issues and abnormal sharing behavior. IT teams could spend weeks trying to find specific files and running complicated scripts to find the right data, often without any success.

The Solution

To get full visibility and control over who has access to documents, you need a single source of truth across all cloud applications your company uses. It should allow you to get a complete and accurate overview of the access risks you have, including files shared with unauthorized external parties and personal accounts.

A single source of truth should let you easily see what files are being shared by external parties with company employees. Most importantly, it should enable you to build customizable data views to evaluate these risks and easily communicate the risks to other key members in your organization.

The ideal solution would allow you to quickly investigate abnormal access behavior or analyze access to specific files in just a few clicks. You’ll save a ton of time and resources, so that you can focus your team’s energy on more productive tasks.

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