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The Problem

When employees leave a company, typically all or some document ownership is transferred to their managers, and their accounts are either deleted, suspended or archived.

But oftentimes, risks on these documents persist. Public links owned by the now-departed employees are never closed. Personal accounts that were added by the ex-employee are forgotten and never removed. Old vendor access persists.

Even though the employee is gone, the risks associated with their activities live on. In the case of archived accounts, most companies cease to have visibility into the documents that remain attached to those archived accounts. They never are able to see the risks, and thus cannot fix them.

The Solution

Clear visibility and insight are crucial to better understand and remediate issues with archived accounts. You should be able to easily view the risks associated with these accounts and then quickly take action on them.

For example, if an archived account still owns documents with public links, you should be able to identify the issue and then restrict access. If a former vendor still has access to your files, you should be able to swiftly remove them.

Even though an account has been archived, you should still be able to control your sensitive documents that were associated with that account.

You want a tool that allows you to have full visibility over these types of accounts and the capability to quickly fix any issues once you find them.

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