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Remove personal account access for outgoing employees


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The Problem

Typically, processes designed to remove an outgoing employee’s access to company information rely on deactivating the employee's account. However, one key risk remains: outgoing employees having access through personal accounts.

Employees may intentionally or accidentally add their own or other employee’s personal accounts to documents. As a result, access stays with former employees for months and even years after they have left a company. In cases of malicious intent, former employees can use this access to steal customers and other confidential information.

Additionally, these documents are open to cyber-attack as personal accounts typically don’t have multi-factor authentication (MFA) turned-on.

Another behavior observed is employees accidentally creating company documents using their personal accounts. Typically, these documents are completely missed during employee offboarding, which can result in critical information being lost or leaked.

The Solution

Configurable document access views and intelligent search capabilities can enable you to quickly find personal account access of outgoing or former employees. With just a few clicks you can restrict or remove document access permissions on multiple documents and multiple personal accounts.

Finally, you need the ability to review documents that are owned by an employee’s personal account and shared with the company, and to transfer ownership or delete the documents.

Get confidence that you can now completely offboard company employees and remove access to company documents.

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