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The Problem

One of the fastest ways to share documents outside of an organization is through public links. Simply open a link, drop it into an email or chat too, and the third party has access to the document without even having to authenticate.

Oftentimes organizations have tens of thousands - even hundreds of thousands - of public links. Any employee and any third party vendor or customer can access these documents. But so can anyone else on the internet. And there’s no access trail of who saw the documents.

This creates a significant possibility for confidential information such as business secrets, company financials, intellectual property, and customer contacts to get into the wrong hands, resulting in devastating consequences. Most companies have this issue, and they are completely unaware of it.

The Solution

You need a solution that quickly identifies all company documents that have public links, lets you easily evaluate these documents and provides you the ability to restrict access for thousands of such documents in a single click. This would help you save hours and days of time that you’d typically spend scripting and digging through admin consoles to find and fix this information.

Additionally, the ability to assign and track end-user reviews where employees are able to fix access issues can enable you to make the right decisions based on document context, and save enormous amounts of time.

Eliminate the risk that’s been haunting your organization for years in just a few minutes.

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Bryan Wise,
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