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Mitigate access risk for executive-owned documents


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The Problem

Documents owned by company executives, such as the CEO and CFO, typically contain crucial and confidential information. This includes company strategy, acquisition related documents, headcount changes, and financials. Oftentimes these documents have high access risks, like links that are viewable by anyone in the company or on the internet, personal email accounts with access, or employees who shouldn’t have access.

If these documents were to leak, the company could experience reputation problems, headcount losses, or competitive pressure and threats. The key issue though is that IT and security teams do not have means to get full visibility of who has access to which of these documents, and have limited means to restrict access to them.

The Solution

To remediate this issue, a tool is needed that provides visibility into who has access to executive owned documents, and offers a means to control access to these documents.

The tool would enable you to investigate based on various parameters such as access levels and sensitive keywords. And the system would allow you to take remediation actions such restricting access or to set-up policies to automatically take access actions when defined conditions are met. The ideal system should provide you with customized alerts when executive-owned documents have violated access policies defined by you.

Minimize risks of unauthorized access while saving time and resources, and without making executives or IT do any extra work.

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