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The Problem

Company documents get shared with personal accounts for a number of reasons, creating potential for information theft and security threats. Personal account sharing may be done accidentally or for valid business reasons, such as sharing with a third party vendor or contractor that uses a personal email account. This could also be done with a malicious intent such as an outgoing employee sharing documents with a personal account to steal confidential information. Or a vendor sharing company documents with their personal email account in order to copy the information. Personal account access is particularly risky for organizations. Most personal accounts do not have multi factor authentication (MFA) enabled, making the accounts and associated documents vulnerable to hacking.

Most companies review document access that is limited to employees accounts but have no ability to do a comprehensive analysis of personal account access. As a result, personal account access may stay for years, increasing the risk of information theft and security attack.

The Solution

To solve this problem, you need a tool that identifies all personal accounts with company document access, enables users to easily identify risky scenarios and then take appropriate remediation actions. The tool should provide easily configurable filters and have built-in intelligence to enable you to find high risk scenarios. Examples include an outgoing employee sharing company documents with personal accounts, and a significant increase in the number of personal accounts having company document access.

In addition, you should be able to restrict/remove access or assign access reviews to end-users (such as department managers) in these scenarios with just a few clicks and reduce the risk exposure.

Finally, the ideal tool should enable bulk access actions on tens of thousands of documents and be able to execute these actions very quickly, assuring you that risky access has been remediated.

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