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Manage access to information owned by acquired companies


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The Problem

When your organization acquires or merges with a new company, they also acquire the other company’s documents. And with that, the risks associated with access to those documents.

You automatically inherit the new company’s access issues, and don’t have the ability to easily analyze those risks and quickly control and remediate any unauthorized access issues.

You could be exposed to risks like financial or HR documents that are accessible by anyone on the internet, or have no visibility into access to inbound documents containing critical company information.

Without a way to easily evaluate who has access to the acquired company’s documents and remediate issues, your company is exposed to unnecessary risk.

The Solution

An ideal solution allows you to quickly get visibility into who has access to the newly-acquired company’s documents, folders and shared drives, and remediate access issues in seconds.

You should have full visibility into which documents were shared with personal accounts, third-party vendors, former employees, and internally, and then be able to swiftly take action to remove or restrict these entities as needed.

The tool should allow you to take actions quickly and without costing you and your team significant time and resources.

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