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Keep critical and confidential documents secure


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The Problem

Some documents pose more access risk than others. Examples include company strategy decks, board meeting notes, financial projections, M&A and IPO material, and employee agreements with salary information. If these documents got into the wrong hands, the company could experience legal and compliance issues, reputation damage, competitive pressures, HR issues and headcount losses.

To make the matter worse, there seems to be no easy and comprehensive way to find who has access to these documents, and to control the access. Current tools look inside documents for PII, limiting the definition of “critical” and resulting in high false positives and negatives.

The Solution

You need a system that provides complete visibility and full control over document access. This would include company documents that are shared with external domains or with personal accounts. In addition, it would include documents that are owned externally and shared with the company.

You need a system that goes beyond traditional DLP systems to identify what is “critical” by using parameters such as C-level and department ownership, and keywords that are customized by you to represent your organization’s needs. More importantly, you need the ability to make bulk access changes across thousands of documents in a few clicks, or automate access changes based on criteria defined by you.

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