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The Problem

Employees may create or share company documents with their personal accounts. And this practice is pretty widespread - according to survey conducted by Nira, over 50% of employees have accidentally used personal accounts to create work documents. In some cases it’s a simple human error. In others the intent is non-malicious, such as sharing with a personal account to enable the employee to work on a personal device.

But sometimes, employees share documents with personal email accounts with the malicious intent of misusing company data, such as stealing customers while leaving an organization or using company IP for personal gains. Even if the intent is non-malicious, security risks are high in these cases. Most personal accounts do not have multi factor authentication (MFA) enabled, making the accounts and associated documents vulnerable to hacking.

Most companies have no ability to do a comprehensive analysis of employee personal account access. As a result, personal account access may stay for years, increasing the risk of information theft and security attack.

The Solution

You need a solution with built-in intelligence and flexible filtering configurations to identify personal accounts that are associated with company employees and have access to company documents. You should be able to restrict and remove access or assign access reviews to end-users (such as department managers) in these scenarios with just a few clicks to reduce the risk exposure. Also, the solution should allow you to automate the removal of personal account access, to save you time and give you peace of mind that access risks are being remediated as soon as they happen.

Save weeks and months worth of precious time in performing laborious access investigations and resolving issues.

Finally, the ideal tool should be able to perform bulk access actions on tens of thousands of documents very quickly, assuring you that risky access has been removed.

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