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The Problem

Access risks keep evolving as human errors continue to happen and new threat actors appear. Organizations struggle to keep up with the pace and need a system that can alert them when defined policies are violated or when abnormal activity is identified.

Unfortunately, most of the existing alert systems have a number of issues including high false positives, high percentage of benign alerts, little information to act and finally no means to resolve the highlighted issue. As a result, organizations either just ignore the alerts or spend countless hours separating meaningful alerts from useless ones, and finding information to remediate - it’s like finding a needle in a haystack.

The Solution

You need a tool that provides you the ability to customize alerts based on your specific needs, and that provides accurate results based on the configurations you have made. This will enable you to save time and resources by receiving alerts about those events that truly matter.

Also, the alerts should be presented in a way that they are immediately actionable, which includes two parts. Firstly, have enough information to provide you context for a quick investigation and decision making. Secondly, provide you the ability to remediate the issues with your desired action in just a few clicks. The desired actions may include tasks such as restricting access, deleting files, and assigning end-user reviews.

You need a system that converts alerts from a useless headache to a powerful monitoring and remediation mechanism that is configured as per your needs.

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