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The Problem

Many companies have data retention policies that are often designed to meet compliance and industry regulations. However, IT and security teams often lack the necessary tools to get visibility into which documents fall outside the data retention policies and to enforce these policies. As a result, documents continue to exist way past their expiry dates creating compliance, legal and security risks.

Sometimes IT teams spend weeks or months to get a grip on the document age status and remediating the issues, but are still not able to meet the requirements.

The Solution

The answer to this problem is a system that enables you to quickly get visibility into documents that are outside data retention policy and be able to delete the documents (or restrict access) in a few clicks.

The system should provide you an ability to find documents by creation age, modified age and viewed age, and further filter them by other parameters such as ownership (e.g. C-level or Finance department) and access levels (e.g. company-wide, public).

Finally, the ideal tool should enable you to automate data retention controls, taking care of your compliance and legal needs and letting you focus your time and energy on other important things.

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