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The Problem

Access to stale documents can create several issues for an organization. Old sales and marketing information may be floating around resulting in confusion for employees and customers.

Old documents may also be providing unintended access to confidential data: According to a 2021 data risk report, 70% of all sensitive data in financial services firms is stale.

As documents age, the probability of unauthorized access increases as people have more time to share the documents, including with external domains and personal accounts. The problem is particularly pronounced for documents that have public links or can be accessed by external accounts.

Oftentimes, these access risks persist for years, with no simple solution to remediate. Unauthorized access to old documents can result in legal damages, security breaches, compliance issues and reputational damage.

The Solution

To tackle this problem, you need a tool that enables you to quickly find stale documents with different access levels - such as viewable by anyone in the company, external domains, and anyone on the internet - and lets you restrict access in a few clicks. You can then remediate unnecessary access risk in minutes. Simply find and close all public links on documents that haven’t been modified in over a year.

Similarly, find and remove all external domain and personal account access on stale documents that haven’t been modified in over a year.

People are no longer actively working on old documents - don’t let unnecessary access risk sit there, when it could be easily remediated.

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