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The Problem

Documents frequently get overshared internally, typically by accident.

Oftentimes employees choose to make documents accessible to anyone in the company because company links are incredibly easy to use for sharing. But they’re often a headache to clean up. For example, there might be finance or HR documents like balance sheets or severance details accessible to anyone in the organization with the link.

This same risk exists when documents are shared with the wrong or too many groups, departments and internal accounts.

This risk affects every company, including companies that have locked down external sharing of documents. Getting quick visibility into which internal accounts have access to which documents is nearly impossible, and so these risks tend to persist for years.

The Solution

You need a tool that quickly shows you which documents, folders and shared drives are accessible by internal accounts, either as Company links or through explicit sharing. The tool should allow you to filter these documents so you can see which have specific keywords in their titles, as well as other attributes like when they were last modified or which account owns the items.

To solve this issue, you must be able to take action and remediate access issues in minutes, as well as set up alerts and automations to keep company documents secure.

Finally, the tool should allow you to identify stale documents and easily remove internal access from them, helping you keep up-to-date and compliant with document retention policies.

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