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The Problem

Companies typically work with several types of external parties, including customers, partners, and third party vendors. And external parties often create and share documents with the company. This can create high-risk scenarios if these externally-owned documents contain sensitive information and have public links, making them accessible to anyone on the internet.

If the sensitive information gets into the wrong hands, it can result in legal and compliance issues, reputation damage, HR issues and loss of customer business. This situation is especially challenging as organizations have no means to get visibility into these document access scenarios and control them.

The Solution

To tackle this issue, you need a solution that provides you comprehensive visibility of documents shared with your company that are owned by external domains or personal accounts. In addition, you need the ability to apply customized filters to identify documents that have confidential or critical information. And finally, the solution should enable you to identify documents that have public links and hence the most exposure risk.

Based on the analysis, the system would provide you workflows to assign reviews to end-users and track actions they take. You can also ask the involved external party to restrict access to specific documents, and even decide to transfer ownership of certain critical documents.

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