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The Problem

Most companies don’t have visibility into the documents contingent workers have access to, let alone the ability to remediate access issues in bulk. If access by these parties were tightly controlled and kept up to date, the risk would be low. Unfortunately, with the limited capabilities offered by today’s tools, contingent worker access to company documents is often blown out, creating significant risk.

This leads to all sorts of problems, like contingent workers having access to information they shouldn’t see, such as strategy documents or HR information. And, if a contingent worker’s account were to be compromised, then this information could be viewed and leveraged by threat actors.

You may lose valuable time trying to investigate, find, and remediate all of the issues that come with company documents shared with contingent worker accounts. To solve this problem, IT teams may set up separate workspaces for these workers, which requires time, effort, and additional security infrastructure. This method can be extremely expensive. Managing contingent and contract worker access can cost upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars per year and suck significant team resources and time.

The Solution

A comprehensive solution would allow you to gain complete visibility and control over documents with contingent worker access. In just a few minutes, you would be able to see exactly which documents contingent workers can access and quickly remove any unnecessary access. This would include any documents with Company links that were accessible by anyone with a company email address.

With this system, you should be able to quickly investigate any abnormal behavior related to contingent worker access, finding potential problems and fixing them before they become security incidents. When remediating access, an ideal tool would be able to take actions in bulk on thousands to millions of documents at once, instead of having to manually fix things one by one. You would be able to remove access for contingent workers who are no longer with the company—in mere minutes. Plus, you would be able to manage contractors within your company's original file-sharing environment, rather than wasting time and money on setting up a separate workspace.

By being able to easily view, investigate, and fix issues, your organization will reduce the risks that come from sharing company information with contingent worker accounts.

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