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The Problem

Organizations today are struggling to control risks associated with document access. One of the top reasons is the amount of time it takes to get visibility into important document access scenarios, to investigate activities and to take any remediation steps.

Legacy tools are either inadequate or require days or weeks to achieve desired outcomes. As a result, breaches remain unnoticed, and by the time a data breach is discovered, massive damage has been done. According to IBM, the average time to identify a data breach was 228 days and the average time to contain a data breach was 80 days in 2020. Compounding the issue is the fact that we’re undergoing a massive shortage of trained IT and Security professionals - people resources are very constrained.

The Solution

Automating discovery of unacceptable document access and ownership scenarios, and application of remediation actions can empower you to get control over access risks.

You need a system that allows you to configure policies to control document access and ownership as per your organization’s needs. The ideal system would: (1) enable you to easily customize access scenarios that need to be monitored, (2) define conditions when remediation actions will be taken, and (3) configure specific remediation actions, (4) perform the monitoring and remediation in real-time, and (5) provide an audit log of all remediation actions that have been taken.

An intelligently built automated policy engine would save you time, and resources, while giving you the peace of mind that your security solution is working for you.

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