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The Problem

For most organizations, third party vendors and contractors play an integral role in achieving business objectives. And to get the job done, vendors are often provided access to company documents that include confidential and critical information.

The problem arises when the vendor work is done or when the contractual relationship has ended but the vendors continue to have access to company documents. The problem becomes worse if the access includes critical company information. This can give rise to legal and compliance issues, as the company may now be in violation of policies and contractual obligations.

Vendors may not have strong data security protocols putting an organization’s data at risk. Finally, vendor employees with malicious intent may share confidential company information with competitors or use it for their own benefit.

The Solution

A system that provides you visibility and control over external domains that have access to company information will enable you to reduce risk for such scenarios.

The system should enable you to identify external domains where the vendor relationship has ended. And it should enable you to remove or restrict access for the identified external domains through a few clicks, across thousands of company documents and hundreds of external domain accounts.

Rest assured that old vendors have been fully off-boarded and the document access risk has been minimized.

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