Product capabilities

An enterprise-grade IT and Security system that can seamlessly handle any scale you throw at it.

Mike Goddard
We wanted the ability to rectify issues on a massive scale, which Nira excels at.
Mike Goddard,
IT Engineer at HackerOne

Nira’s product capabilities are designed to provide comprehensive visibility and control over who has access to company documents, without the bandwidth and burden required for alternative approaches. Everything takes just a few clicks.

Effortlessly manage permissions and access at scale

  • Update permissions for millions of documents in just a few clicks.
  • Eliminate scripting and manual effort with automated remediation.
  • Schedule remediation actions to automatically manage security policies.
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Contextual, relevant, and timely risk detection

  • Use granular filters to create alerts for specific documents, accounts, and domains.
  • Perform remediation actions right from the alert, without switching tools.
  • Dig into the details for each alert to get context quickly.
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Enforce company policies with automatic remediation

  • Choose from pre-configured security policy playbooks for quick setup.
  • Configure automations to suit your organization's specific needs.
  • Keep track of automation actions with comprehensive audit logs.
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Detailed logs of every action taken

  • View a complete history of actions taken by admins, employees, and automations.
  • Filter logs for easy investigation and evidence collection.
  • Access unlimited history and details of actions and changes, even for millions of documents.
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Incredible companies use Nira

Every company that uses Google Workspace should be using Nira.
Bryan Wise
Bryan Wise,
Former VP of IT at GitLab

Incredible companies use Nira