Personal Account Access Management

Identify and resolve access to company data from personal accounts

As part of the offboarding process, we wouldn’t be able to easily remove personal account access without Nira.
Mike Goddard
Mike Goddard,
IT Engineer at HackerOne

Nira Personal Account Access Management enables organizations to identify all personal accounts with access, easily discover risks and take appropriate remediation actions. You’ll get the confidence to ensure complete offboarding of employees and vendors, and removal of all access to company information.

Gain visibility into every personal account with access

  • Instantly surface top personal accounts with access to the most company information.
  • Complete visibility into exactly what information each personal account can access.
  • Identify employees and third parties that have created company documents using their personal accounts.
Gain visibility into every personal account with access

Advanced personal account access control

  • Automate removal of all personal accounts from sensitive or stale documents, folders, and shared drives.
  • Out-of-the-box ability to completely remove access for any personal account in seconds.
  • Take quick bulk actions to remove personal accounts from tens of thousands of items (or more) in just a few clicks.
Advanced personal account access control

Deep investigations in minutes, not days

  • Deep dive into specific documents, folders, drives and accounts, and accurately investigate the abnormal behavior.
  • Quickly assess access-risk based on easily configurable filters to uncover all the details.
  • Tag accounts as suspicious and automatically track and control access activities.
Deep investigations in minutes, not days

Incredible companies use Nira

Every company that uses Google Workspace should be using Nira.
Bryan Wise
Bryan Wise,
CIO of 6sense

Incredible companies use Nira