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Marie and Hiten join Ryan Hoover on Product Hunt Radio
FYI Co-founders Marie and Hiten discuss why it's easier than ever to build an app but harder than ever to make it successful.
Winners of the 2018 Golden Kitty Awards are revealed
FYI was named runner up Lifehack of the Year in Product Hunt's annual Golden Kitty Awards.
Use FYI – Review from Naveen, co-founder of FourSquare
“There’s a new tool I’ve been using for the past few weeks and that I have been absolutely loving. It happens to be called FYI…”
12 Must-Have Browser Extensions
FYI is one of 12 must-have browser extensions according to Product Hunt.
How to Lead a Remote-Friendly Startup
FYI co-founder Hiten Shah shares how to lead a remote-friendly startup.
Hiten Shah joins Baremetrics Founder on Founder Chats podcast
FYI co-founder Hiten Shah joins Baremetrics Founder Josh Pigford on the Founder Chats podcast.
Avoiding Common Product Development Pitfalls
FYI co-founder Hiten Shah shares how the FYI team avoids common pitfalls of product development.
Cornerstone Content: 10 Content Experts Give Top Tips
Hiten Shah shares his advice on cornerstore content, on the Alexa blog.
The Path to Product Excellence
FYI co-founder Hiten Shah is featured in ProductBoard’s “The Path to Product Excellence”
KnowYourCompany Interview with Hiten Shah
Interview with FYI co-founder Hiten Shah on KnowYourCompany’s The Heartbeat Podcast.
HackerNoon Interview with Hiten Shah
Starting up with FYI co-founder Hiten Shah.
The Story Behind Successfully Bringing FYI to Market
FYI co-founder Hiten Shah on the Pillars of a Successful Go-To-Market Strategy.
FYI Launches its Desktop App
FYI launches a Mac and Windows app on Product Hunt: Finally, your ☁️and 🖥 documents in one place.
FYI Launches on Product Hunt
FYI Launches its Chrome Extension and web app on Product Hunt: Find your documents, like magic 🔮.
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