September 2021

Automations were added to Nira in September. With automations, users can have actions taken on their behalf to automatically remediate access issues. Automations are simple to set up from within the dashboard.

A watch feed was added in September. The watch feed enables users to select specific types of documents, accounts and domains to watch based on selected criteria.

August 2021

Actions feature updates were completed and shipped in August. These updates enable bulk actions on many items at once. Actions is a key feature that enables users to remediate access issues they find using Nira. There are currently seven different types of actions customers can take from the interface, like transfer ownership, remove access, and delete.

July 2021

The audit log, where information about what actions were taken by Nira users, was improved. It now includes even more details about what actions were taken by Nira users and when those actions were taken. The audit log can be found by clicking on the clipboard icon, and any audit log entry can be clicked to see more details.

Column resizing was added to the application. Users can now resize the column widths in the tables in any part of the application. A keyword filter was also added to the filters area to allow for searches by document title.

A dashboard and security feed were added. The security feed shows the most critical document access issues and allows users to see more information about the issues and take action on them.

Actions were updated so that users can make a bulk action by selecting all.

June 2021

In June we announced our new domain and brand, Nira. We pivoted from an enterprise search tool to become a real-time access control solution. Prior to this announcement, we were working closely with design partner customers to build Nira.

We added more robust views and filters within the application to see which accounts have access to individual documents and control their access.