People are using Nira every day to secure their documents

"Nira has been a lifesaver."
Evan Shoemaker
COO WeBuild
"Faster than searching in Google Drive."
Diego Ventura
Business Development, MonkeyLearn
"Once you see it that first time, you’re hooked forever."
Naveen Selvadurai
Partner, Expa
"I don’t know how to function without it. I can finally find everything!"
Mary Min
Sr. BD Manager, Unity Technologies
"Great timing for a much needed product solving some hard problems. It is the best product out there today."
Arjun Sethi
Partner, Social Capital
"I’ve been using ‘Nira’ for a few months now as my default tab, and it saves me so much time."
Pradeep Elankurmaran
CEO, Farmstead
"We've tried lots of products trying to solve the multi-platform search problem. Nira is the best solution out there."
Darren Chait
COO, Hugo
"I have never started using any product where it just immediately felt like my whole need was solved/fixed instantly."
Adii Pienaar
CEO of Conversio
"Helps organize an endless sea of documents across our org. Our team makes it rain with Google Docs and this helps us stay more organized."
Polly Rodriguez
Co Founder, Unbound
"My Google Docs and Slack Docs have never been more easily seen and accessible."
Chris Handy
Founder, ClosedWon
"Easy to use, very fast, secure, ‘Search by User’ is genius"
Utkarsh Sengar
Dev Lead, Upwork
"Nira is the best solution I have seen in the market to finding documents."
Jaigi Pan
"Been using Nira for a few weeks now, saved me hours of time already and my fav new app."
Matt Smith
Founder, Later
"Kind of a game changer, new paradigm. Now you just search in one place, and stop worrying about where."
Ritu Raj
"Fast, intuitive way to find files by name, type or person/collaborators"
Hunter Boyle
Founder, Optimization Copilot
"Nira has made it way easier to find things quickly when I need them."
Will Hoekenga
Founder, Copygrad
"Love the ability to search across my most used apps for docs. Also, the recent documents (across everything) list is invaluable."
Ruben Gamez
Founder, Bidsketch
"Now I can find both mine and shared docs easily . The interface is clean and easy to use. It just works & that's all you can ask."
Steven Nathan
Co-founder, TimeHub
"I literally use Nira at least 10 times a day now."
Sibi Murugesan
Program Director, Gener8tor
"The search feature works better than Google Drive's one."
Júlio Paulillo
COO, Agendor
"Nira really has improved a core part of my daily workflow for the better. Very useful."
Ramsey Chapin
"Very helpful keeping documents organized across teams, both internal and external."
David Hua
CEO, Meadow
"Fragmented knowledge across different services is a huge problem, and Nira is so brilliant it makes it look like a simple one."
Antoine Chevrel
EIR, Imagination Machine
"I'm totally hooked onto it. Have already gotten my business partner, my wife and my dad to start using it."
Arpit Choudhury
Community Specialist, Integromat
"Saves so much time in such an elegant way."
Jonathan Tzou
Founder, Optix Data
"Elegant solution to a ridiculous (growing) problem."
Ryan Robinson
Content Marketing Consultant
"Super impressed by how natural of an experience it is. Works every time and fits seamlessly in my existing workflow in chrome - highly recommend!"
Neel Desai
Product Manager, ProfitWell
"Very easy to use, simple. Elegant execution, but above all it's just something that really helps me quickly get the doc I need."
Stew Langille
EIR, Jungle Ventures
"Great product… I like how it becomes the "hub for documents", no matter where they are."
Daniel Lang
CEO, Mangomint
"Seamless finding of the files I need when I need them. It's one of those "why doesn't this already exist" kinda things!"
Val Geisler
Email and Digital Strategist
Every company that uses Google Workspace should be using Nira.
Bryan Wise
Bryan Wise,
CIO of 6sense

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